Milk analyzer Ekomilk HORIZON UNLIMITED

The fully automated Milk analyzer Ekomilk Horizon UNLIMITED is designed for fast and cost effective control of milk quality – milk parameters (Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat, Density, Freezing point, Added Water) and Somatic Cell Count (SCC) in dairy farms and dairy enterprises and allows on-farm measurement for more selective antibiotic use with selective dry cow therapy and accurate and early detection with less discarded milk, increasing farm profitability and financial planning accuracy.

The regular milk control in a dairy farm is the main part of process of prevention, detection and medical treatment of mastitis – the most important dairy disease.

Our early identification system significantly reduces the chance of pathogens spreading to other animals in the herd thus preventing from major loss of production. Reduced antibiotics use and lower bulk milk tank SSC will also benefit the further milk processing players with higher quality and less risk for antibiotics residues.

Application Area: Dairy farms; Milk collecting points; Dairy industry; Veterinary and dairy laboratories

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